PUPPY SURVIVES HOUSE OF HORRORS - "She seems to be a very loving and kindhearted dog that wouldn’t hold a grudge against anyone."

Jezabelle, an Italian Greyhound puppy, was the sole survivor out of 14 dogs who were abused and killed last year by a Michigan State University medical student in an apartment.  Jezabelle, formerly named Chloe, was discovered alone and bleeding in a closet.  Fortunately, she has since made a full recovery and has been adopted into a permanent home. Here’s more from statenews.com:

More than a year after her rescue, Jezabelle stands as the only surviving dog from Thompson’s abuse.

Today, the same dog that was reduced to whimpering in a closet, found herself a new, happy home, but the journey to get there wasn’t an easy one…When LeBombard found the puppy during a June 21, 2011, investigation of Thompson’s apartment, the small animal was bruised and defecating blood in his closet. The outlook didn’t look good.


Heideman said she didn’t expect Chloe No. 2 to live. But three days into the puppy’s recovery, Chloe No. 2 was taken out to go to the bathroom. As she stood on a pad, the puppy saw a small leaf lying next to it. With one sudden burst of energy, she jumped and pounced on the leaf.

“That was the first time I knew she would actually live because she showed there was something in there,” Heideman said.

Jezabelle is a survivor who has not let her nightmarish experience affect her playful demeanor.  She seems to be at peace now in her wonderful new home. Click here for the full story and a video.