VETERAN REUNITED WITH PARTNER DOG AFTER FIVE-YEAR SEARCH -Upon their reunion, it only took Diego a few moments to realize what was happening. When he did, the dog “began frolicking, wagging his tail and licking Black in the face.”

This is an update to this earlier story about Logan Black who served in Iraq with Diego, a Labrador Retriever who was a Specialized Search Dog responsible for the discovery of over 200,000 pounds of munitions and explosives. For the past five years, Black has been searching for Diego so he could adopt him. After a long and difficult search, Black and Diego have been reunited.  Read more from

Diego, who acted as both a bomb-sniffing dog and a training aid for military dog handlers at Lackland AFB, was reunited with Black when he officially retired from duty. The two were together through a yearlong deployment in 2006 when both were shaken by a roadside bomb blast in Fallujah…Black, 34, returned from war and began studying acting in Kansas City, MO. He began a nationwide search for Diego soon after, and found the dog was being evaluated for retirement (Diego served two tours but was removed from duty because of a sensitivity to loud noises). A Facebook page Black created garnered massive media attention, and soon enough…Diego was officially retired. 

Diego can finally enjoy retirement in a safe home with his beloved owner and friend. Click here for the full story.  (Photos and more information here from the San Antonio Express-News).