VOLUNTEERS ON THE HUNT FOR LOST DOG - "This shy, sweet dog has been missing for 48 hours. There have been sightings of her around Silverlake and Los Feliz…She was last seen on Glencairn just north of Los Feliz Blvd (roughly 20 minutes ago)."

A pretty big search is currently being conducted on the streets of Los Angeles by volunteers trying to track down a lost dog named Tesla, and many more people are following the search on Twitter and other sites. Tesla, who belongs to a man named Alex Berg, went missing two days ago.  She was reportedly sighted several hours ago, but has still not been found. It’s pretty interesting to see how social media is being used in the search. Hopefully Tesla is found soon.

You can track the search on Twitter by following the hash tag “#FindTesla” or click here for more information.