UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY STUDENTS TRAIN SERVICE DOGS - "WSD is a student run organization in which students raise service dogs in training for the first 18-24 months of the dogs’ lives. These students are called our trainers, and they are responsible for socializing, training, partially financing, and housing a service dog puppy."

Students at the University of Kentucky are training dogs to become service dogs through a program called Wildcat Service Dogs.  The dogs are trained for up to two years before they are assigned to a patient as a service dog. Each student is responsible for training, socializing, and housing their assigned dog. Here’s more from the Lexington Herald-Leader:

Skarvan, who’s from Louisville, started volunteering with Paws with a Purpose in seventh grade.

She started college at Texas A&M, where she worked with the Aggie Service Dog group. When she transferred to UK as a sophomore, she wanted to start a similar group there.

"I wanted to be more involved with training them," Skarvan said.

She approached the UK administration about allowing the dogs-in-training and they agreed. Wildcat Service Dogs now has six trainers, and another 20 students who help out with puppy-sitting. The Wildcat dogs usually stay with their student trainers for 12-18 months.

This sounds like a great program that benefits many, many people. Click here for the full story and here to learn more about Wildcat Service Dogs.