CAIRN TERRIER SURVIVES EIGHT DAYS IN THE SNOW - WHEN Maisie the Cairn Terrier vanished for eight days on Dunwich Heath in sub-zero temperatures, deep snow and bitterly cold winds, her owner feared the worst.”

A three-year-old Cairn Terrier in the U.K. named Maisie got lost and spent eight days alone in the snow. Her leash had gotten stuck in some trees and she was forced to survive alone in the cold. Fortunately, she was discovered and is back home safely. Here’s more from EADT24:

As the search went on, the mercury plummeted to -15C in parts of Suffolk and it seemed hopes of finding her alive had all but gone.

But, miraculously, Maisie was discovered after more than a week in the wilderness - freezing cold but apparently unscathed, with her lead caught on a tree, tethering her to the spot.

The three-year-old hound has now been reunited with her owner Margaret Charles in Middleton, and tucked up in her warm basket.

Maisie had panicked and run off after Mrs Charles slipped on black ice while walking her on Dunwich Heath on January 16.

Maisie is one tough little dog. Fortunately, she seems to be uninjured. Click here for the full story.