PIT BULL AMBASSADOR “TUTORS” KIDS - "[T]he Meyers take Kyra on visits to schools, hospitals, nursing homes and libraries, where they give programs on bullying and stereotypes, kindness and compassion, and how to safely greet a dog."

A three-year-old Pit Bull in Iowa named Kyra has been helping kids by listening to them read at school. In addition, Kyra serves as an “ambassador” for Pit Bulls by making appearances at schools, retirement homes, hospitals and other places. She is certified for good behavior and makes appearances as part of the “Ambass-A-Bulls” program of the American Rescue League of Iowa’s Pit Crew Club. Here’s more from app.com:

When Kyra is at Stowe or any other school, she is always leashed by her owners. In addition, parents must sign permission slips to allow Kyra near their children.

Ashley Meyer describes Kyra as anything but vicious. Kyra has never been aggressive around children or adults, Ashley Meyer said. Proponents of pit bulls say they are not predisposed to behavior problems.

“She’s very submissive and she loves kids,” Ashley said. “She lights up whenever kids are around.”

Stephanie Filer, manager of special gifts and partnerships with the Animal Rescue League of Iowa and a pit bull owner, said the 27 people and 12 dog members of the Ambass-A-Bulls have visited seven Des Moines elementary schools and schools in Newton, Orient-Macksburg and Dallas Center-Grimes in the past year since the Pit Crew was formed.

“We began the group in Des Moines because Des Moines has chosen to discriminate against dogs that look a certain way,” she said. “Our position is that every dog is an individual and should be treated as such.”

Kyra is a great example of how valuable dogs are to the community. Click here of the full story and here to learn more about the ARL Pit Crew.