EXTREMELY OBESE DACHSHUND LOSES OVER 40 POUNDS - At 77 pounds with short legs, Obie was dragging his chest and stomach on the ground, barely able to walk.”

When Obie, a 7-year-old Dachshund, was relinquished to his current owner last August,  he weighed approximately 77 pounds. He was so big that he could barely walk. His former owners were an elderly couple who could not stop feeding him. Obie’s new owner, Nora Vanatta, is a former vet technician in Oregon and she has been rehabilitating Obie.  To date, Obie has lost 40 pounds, and recently doctors removed over 2 pounds of excess skin. Here’s more from ABC News:

“Aging owners with failing health were simply loving him with food. They just couldn’t say ‘no’ to those big brown eyes,” reads Doxie’s Facebook page. “Through many tears, the owners relinquished him.”

Without seeing a picture of Obie’s condition, Vanatta adopted him and next thing she knew he was at her front doorstep.

“I really didn’t believe it,” said Vanatta. “He had chronic infections in the skin and he wasn’t able to walk.”

Obie was put on a strict veterinary prescription diet that consisted of only eating Purina OM. He started to lose tens of pounds over the months, but there was still one big hurdle: excess skin.

“His surgery was [Tuesday]. He’s doing really well,” said Vanatta. “He was up and wagging his tail this morning.”

Vanatta said Obie currently weighs 35 pounds and has about 7 more to lose. More importantly, she said, now he can be his true self: a really fun happy dog with a great personality. 

Obie was probably close to death, but fortunately his new owner took him in and nursed him back to health. Click here for the full story, and here for Obie’s Facebook page. Also, here’s a video of Obie after surgery. He’s looking good!