Over 44 dogs who were lost during the Oklahoma tornado have been reunited with their owners thanks to the Central Oklahoma Humane Society and other rescue groups. Click here for the Central Oklahoma Humane Society’s “Displaced Pet Resources” page where you can get information on how to locate lost dogs.  Also, click here for a list of items you can donate to aid in the pet rescue efforts in Oklahoma.

The dog in the top picture (in front of the police car) is the dog who was discovered in the rubble and gained a lot of attention in the media. She is a 12-year old Schipperke-Border Collie mix named Susie. She was discovered guarding a body thought to be her owner, but it turns out her owner was still alive. Susie was reunited with her owner but it is unknown how she ended up in the rubble away from home and guarding a stranger’s body. (Click here for the previous post).

Hopefully all the dogs at the Oklahoma shelters find their way home. (All photos from the Central Oklahoma Humane Society Facebook page)