PUPPY WHO WAS SET ON FIRE TO BECOME THERAPY DOG - "Phoenix will become a therapy dog and continue his work as an ambassador for the Shelter, an advocate against animal abuse, and a symbol of resiliency."

Last October, a Jack Russell Terrier named Phoenix was doused with flammable liquid and set on fire by two men. He underwent surgery and treatment at the Buffalo Small Animal Hospital where he has recovered nicely. He will now be adopted by Judi Bunge, a staff member of the hospital. There are plans for Phoenix to become a therapy dog and to raise awareness about animal abuse. Read more from WBFO 88.7:

Bunge has been caring for Phoenix as he recovers from severe burns. Bunge has provided “around the clock care” for the dog over the past seven months, according to the post…Phoenix is “bonded, settled, and very attached to Judi and his best friend Ruckus.” The Animal Hospital says it feels it is in the best interest of the dog to let him remain in her home with a person he knows and loves. 

Two Buffalo teenagers pleaded guilty to deliberately setting the dog on fire last October. Phoenix suffered burns on 50 percent of his body.

Phoenix will become a therapy dog. He is also serving as an advocate against animal abuse, an ambassador for the Shelter, and a symbol of resiliency. On Tuesday he appeared in Albany with the hospital’s director who is spoke about Phoenix’s inspirational story.   

Phoenix is aptly named. He has overcome his horrible ordeal and will now inspire many people as a therapy dog. Click here for the full story and here to learn more about the Buffalo Small Animal Hospital. (Photos from their Facebook page)