DOG IN CALL OF DUTY: GHOSTS BASED ON NAVY SEALS DOG - The Navy Seal the team consulted with brought his unit’s dog and Ruben was blown away by the technical savvy the animal carried on its harness such as the camera and vibrating collar to give the dog stealthy commands.”

The upcoming video game Call of Duty: Ghosts features a canine character named Riley. The character is based on real military dogs from the Navy SEALS team. Players can control the dog and engage in missions within the game. Read more from The Escapist:

But when Activision unveiled the dog used to capture motion for us in its new Ghosts at the Microsoft Xbox One reveal a few weeks back, the internet went ablaze with memes and Twitter accounts all showing our love for the military canine. Mark Ruben, executive producer of Ghosts at Infinity Ward, admitted the team was taken aback by the response.

"No clue," Ruben said when I asked whether they anticipated the frenzied reaction. "We thought maybe people would think the dog was cool, as a new squad member. We had no idea there would be Twitter accounts, any of that."

The top photo above is the real dog used as the model for the game character. Click here for the full story and here to see a clip of the motion capture work of the dog.