COMMUNITY HELPS STRAY DOG LIVING ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD - We have put food and water out for him every day and tried to get him to come with us but he’s scared and won’t leave this spot.”

A woman named Molly Hughes in Florida discovered a stray dog living on the side of the road.  The dog appears to be waiting for somebody and he has been there for at least a week. Hughes and others have been providing water and food to the dog are trying to rescue him. Read more from

The saga of a lonely dog is playing out on Facebook, capturing the hearts of hundreds of people, as he sits and waits alone by a country road.

On Sunday, Molly Hughes of Flomaton posted a couple of photos of dog on a roadside off Highway 113 near Flomaton.

“He has been sitting in the same spot for 2 days like he’s waiting on his owner to show up to get him,” Hughes wrote in her post, believing someone dumped the dog on the roadside. “It’s so sad.”  She stopped and put out food and water for the dog, but she was unable to get very close to him.


By Thursday, other Facebook members had begin to help Hughes take care of the roadside dog. Several people visited with the dog and provided food and water. They have been able to pet the dog, but so far he’s too frightened to allow anyone to take him to a new home.

It’s wonderful that Hughes and other concerned people have showed compassion for this stray dog. Let’s hope he is rescued and finds a home soon. Click here for the full story. (Photos and additional info from Molly Hughes’ Facebook page)

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