TV PROGRAM ABOUT GUIDE DOGS IN THE U.K. - With exclusive access to The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, this heart-warming film, narrated by dog-lover, Paul O’Grady, highlights the difference guide dogs make to people’s lives.”

A show called “Me and My Guide Dog” will be airing on July 3rd at 8:00 p.m. on ITV in the U.K. The show will tell several stories about an organization called The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association and the people who are living with the guide dogs. One of the stories is about Mahomed-Abraar Khatri and how he and his guide dog navigated both the streets and cultural issues together. Read more from

Mahomed Khatri said, “Needless to say, I was pretty depressed. I couldn’t even walk from my house to my friend’s across the street without help. The only way to regain some independence lay in getting a guide dog.” 


Having a guide dog made it difficult for Mahomed to practise his Muslim faith. Islamic beliefs meant he couldn’t take a dog into the Mosque and was unable to attend prayers without a sighted guide.

But after consultation with Islamic scholars, a fatwa was issued which made Vargo the first dog ever allowed inside a British Mosque.

Vargo now has his own special area under the stairs in the Mosque’s hallway.

Sounds like a great show. Hopefully it will be available for viewing in other countries too. Click here for the full story and here to learn more about The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association (Additional photo from their Facebook page). Also, click here for info on where to watch the show in the U.K.