HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS RESCUE LOST DOG IN THE WILDERNESS - When they crawled out of their tents Tuesday morning, they saw Tomah sleeping in a nearby grove of trees, skittish and shaking with fear. They slowly moved in and grabbed her, fashioning a rope harness.”

A Shetland Sheepdog named Tomah became lost in the Boundary Waters area of Minnesota and wandered around for several days. Five members of the Minnetonka High School cross-country team happened to be on a canoe trip in the area and saw a notice saying that Tomah was lost. They decided to track Tomah and eventually managed to rescue her. Read more from the Star Tribune:

Not far away in Lutsen, 18-year-old Ashley Ross was trying to smile as she sold tickets at the mountain’s Alpine slide ride. Her dad, Mike, had given her a puppy six years ago when his Army Reserves deployment ended. He’d been stationed at the base in Tomah, Wis., so she named her puppy Tomah.

“She’s my baby,” said Ashley, a student at the University of Minnesota-Duluth. “She was the kind of dog you never had to worry about.”

Until last weekend. Ashley joined her parents, boyfriend, aunt, uncle and cousin on a canoe trip, bringing her trusty Tomah along to an island campsite. On Saturday, “she kind of disappeared.” 


On Tuesday, she saw her father had come to her job site at Lutsen.

“He didn’t think a phone call could do it justice,” she said. “For my dad to show up at work, I figured it was bad news and I couldn’t see her at first from where I was standing.”

When her father walked around the corner, she caught a glimpse of Tomah and ran for an emotional reunion. By then, the Minnetonka boys were halfway back on their ride home, feeling pretty good about their canoe trip turned rescue mission. Tomah had been on her own for three days.

Great job, guys! Good to see Tomah safely back home. Click here for the full story.