DOG AND THE KITTEN SHE SAVED ARE ADOPTED TOGETHER - They were found down a ravine, behind Home Depot, and the dog was nursing the kitten.”

A Shih Tzu mix, now named Goldie, was discovered in a ravine in South Carolina. Goldie was nursing and protecting a kitten, now named Kate. After being looked after by Anderson County PAWS for the last few months, Goldie and Kate have been adopted as a pair by the Harris Family. Read more from

The Anderson County PAWS Shelter kept the pair at their facility, until the kitten was old enough to be spayed. Their staff vetted all potential owners carefully. It’s been a month since they’ve settled into their new home, and they’re doing great.


Joe Harris and his wife, of Fountain Inn, call themselves lucky to have been able to adopt the duo.

Harris said they saw the two on FOX Carolina after they were found, and submitted an application with a “tear jerker of a letter.”

He said Goldie and Kate reminded them of their former dog and cat, Samantha and Simon, who passed within two months of each other in 2012.

"It’s a lot of fun watching the two of them," said Harris.

They’ve been the center of attention, with friends and family. The Harris’ grandsons get a kick out of watching Goldie and Kate wrestle.

Harris said they still do what they were first famous for, Goldie nursing Kate as her own, when Kate was just a few weeks old. He said at night Kate still tries to nurse on Goldie, and that Goldie lets her.

Harris knows the two have been through a lot, though no one knows how they got together.

"Goldie adopted Kate, and we adopted both of them," Harris said.

Goldie and Kate finally have a great home where they can stick together. Click here for the full story and a news video (Additional photo from Goldie and Kate’s Facebook page).