A GIRL AND HER SERVICE DOG - The clever canine checks her food and raises a paw to warn her if what she’s about to eat contains nuts.”

Lilybelle, a Goldendoodle, is a service dog for a 7-year-old girl in Georgia with a peanut allergy and other ailments. LilyBelle is able to signal if there are traces of peanuts and she is currently being trained to detect seizures. Georgia K9 Academy is providing the training. LilyBelle travels everywhere with her owner and provides a measure of independence to the girl. Read more from the Daily Record:

Goldendoodle LilyBelle – a crossbreed of golden retriever and poodle – is now being trained to detect when her pal is about to suffer a seizure and alert those around her, while comforting Meghan by licking her hand and cuddling up next to her.

Meghan has grown so close to her four-legged friend that they go everywhere together.

Mum Jennifer Schillig said: “There’s a strong bond between them. They’re never far away from one another.

“If one of them is not in the room they’ll look for one another.

“LilyBelle goes to school with Meghan, hospital appointments, church, grocery shopping, birthday parties.

“If Meghan goes swimming, LilyBelle will sit at the side of the pool.

“At birthday parties, LilyBelle will sit in the corner, far enough away to allow Meghan to play with her friends but close enough that she can still see her at all times.


They enlisted the help of trainer Ashleigh Kinsley Hill from Georgia K9 Academy who worked with the dog for more than year before Meghan took her home in April.

The pooch completed her final exam last week during a family meal at a restaurant, successfully detecting nuts in some of the dishes and alerting Meghan to the danger.

Jennifer said: “We initially contacted Ashleigh as we wanted to see if they could train a dog to help detect Meghan’s seizures.

“But when we mentioned Meghan’s allergy, Ashleigh said she could train a dog to detect peanuts, too.

“It’s reassuring that LilyBelle can keep her safe and give her some independence.”

Service dogs like LilyBelle are truly amazing, and adorable too. Click here for the full story, and here to learn more about Georgia K9 Academy LLC.