FAMILY PROVIDES DAILY MEALS TO STREET DOGS IN INDIA - “Feeding dogs is a ritual in my family. My mom prepares dinner for them every day…The cooking gets over by 9 or 10 p.m. and we go out and serve the food to the five dogs that live inside our compound and to dogs on our street…”

A man named Amith Sivashanmugam and his family feeds stray dogs from his home in India on a daily basis. Sivashanmugam’s mother cooks the meals herself and distributes the food to the dogs every night. In addition to providing meals, he also volunteers for various dog-related charities in the area. Read more from The Hindu:

Amith not only worked closely with various animal welfare organisations in the city, but also organised free vaccine campaign for stray dogs when he was away in Kerala on work.

He has rescued several injured animals, got them treated and found them a home. “As a child I was taught to be kind to animals. So if any one of us find a stray dog hungry or injured, we immediately take it in. We treat it and find a home for it too. Often we end up having a deep bond with the animal and are unable to part from it. For instance, we had rescued a dog that accidentally fell into a well and lost his sight due to shock. We brought him home and treated him. We were heartbroken when he passed away recently,” says Amith, who at present has five dogs at their house in Arumbakkam.

He says: “We picked these mongrels from the streets as they were struggling to get enough to eat. We brought them home and fed them and now they are always inside our compound.”

Thanks to this family, many dogs are able to end the day with a full stomach. Click here for the full story. (Photos by K. Pichumani)

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