VOLUNTEERS PROVIDE FINAL DAYS OF COMFORT FOR TERMINALLY ILL SHELTER DOGS - “We want to give these animals love and comfort before they pass.”

An organization called Pet Project Rescue, based in Minnesota, has a program called The Lukas Project. The goal of this initiative is to provide one last foster home for shelter dogs that are terminally ill or otherwise are close to being euthanized. Read more from the Twin Cities Daily Planet:

From that fateful meeting sprung The Lukas Project, which takes terminally ill dogs and cats from high-kill shelters and places them into caring foster homes where they are made as comfortable as possible. The rescue provides any supplies and medication, and the foster family provides love — and even a little spoiling!

“Things we normally suggest for fosters not to do with their foster dogs are completely OK with Lukas Project dogs, like trips to McDonald’s for hamburgers or sleeping with the foster in their bed. Anything to make the dog or cat feel loved and happy,” Ellis says.

Thanks to this project, otherwise unwanted dogs are being cared for and pampered in their last days. Click here for the full story and here for more about Pet Project Rescue (Photos from their Facebook page)