NINE MORE BEAGLES FREED FROM TESTING LABORATORY - These shell-shocked survivors came from a lab in the Midwest, just outside of Minnesota, and made the journey into the Twin Cities area to start a new life…”

Recently, the Beagle Freedom Project rescued nine Beagles from a laboratory in Minnesota. The seven males and two females were subjected to various experimental tests but are now on their way to new homes. The Camp Bow Wow Plymouth Dog Daycare and Boarding Facility assisted in the rescue of these dogs. Read more from the Beagle Freedom Project website:

The 7 boys and 2 girls are all just over three years of age. They run the gamut from severely skinny to a little on the heavy side. Fresh reminders in the form of scars, surgically shaved areas, and infected sutures marked most of their small bodies. Like other rescues – their personalities all were so unique. Some eagerly embraced the excitement of this new freedom by zooming from dog to dog and person to person sniffing, licking, marking, and humping (just neutered a few days prior) – their eyes alive with amazement and joy. Most gingerly explored and made cautious acquaintances with the uncommonly friendly people tearfully watching their every move. And a few retreated into corners – and themselves – afraid of what was going to happen next because their lives up until this point had conditioned them for the worst.

After 45 minutes of playtime with each other these lucky survivors were scooped by their new families. Their journey to a home, a recovery, and new wonderful new life has just begun.

Thanks to the dedicated folks of the Beagle Freedom Project, these nine dogs have new lives. Hopefully they all recover from their painful experiences. Click here for the full story and more photos.