BEAGLE FREEDOM BILL PENDING IN MINNESOTA - The Beagle Freedom Bill will ensure that tax-payer funded laboratories in MN offer up the dogs and cats for public adoption through rescue organizations like BFP at the end of research.  Today, standard procedure is to summarily euthanize (destroy) all of these animals.”

A bill which provides Beagles who are used for laboratory testing in Minnesota with the opportunity to be adopted is pending in the Minnesota legislature. Beagles are commonly used for laboratory testing and are often euthanized after their usefulness has ended. HF1370 (the companion bill in the Minnesota senate is SF1164) was introduced last year but is still at the committee stage. The Beagle Freedom Project hopes to push this bill towards passage soon. Those interested in supporting the bill can visit this page where you can also submit comments to the Minnesota legislature.  Here’s part of the text of HF1370:

(a) A higher education research facility that receives public money, including tax-exempt status, or a facility that provides research in collaboration with a higher education facility that confines dogs or cats for science or research purposes and plans on destroying a dog or cat used for science or research purposes, must first offer the dog or cat to an animal rescue organization. A facility that is required to offer dogs or cats to an animal rescue organization under this section may enter into an agreement with the animal rescue organization to protect the facility.

Please share to raise awareness about this bill. Click here to learn more about the Beagle Freedom Project, and here for more information on how to support the Beagle Freedom Bill.