DOG RECEIVES “ANIMAL COURAGE AWARD” FOR KEEPING PUPPIES ALIVE - Molly, was shaking violently from dehydration, malnutrition and was balancing on three legs because of an injury, but she was still desperately trying to encourage her emaciated puppies to eat.”

Molly, a German Shepherd mix, and her seven puppies were neglected by their owner.  They lacked food and shelter, and were forced to eat rocks and sticks to survive.  Miraculously, Molly managed to keep herself and all of her puppies alive long enough to be discovered and rescued by the British Columbia SPCA in Canada.  Molly will now receive an award for her courage.  Here’s more from the BC SPCA:

A Vancouver Island dog who courageously fought to keep her puppies alive against overwhelming odds was honoured with the BC SPCA’s Animal Courage Award at the society’s annual awards ceremony on June 1 in Vancouver. The award honours an animal who has shown exceptional courage and resilience in the face of suffering.


The dogs had no access to food, water or shelter of any kind and were living in an area strewn with broken glass and other dangerous objects…Charges of animal cruelty have been filed against the owner of the dogs and Molly and her puppies are now fully recovered and have all been adopted into new, loving families. The Animal Courage Award was accepted by Nanaimo Branch manager Leon Davis on behalf of Molly, a tenacious and courageous mother who refused to give up on her puppies despite the most dire of circumstances.

Despite overwhelming conditions, Molly refused to give up and now her puppies are all in stable homes.  Congratulations to Molly on the award.  Hopefully she will be able to live the rest of her days in peace.  Click here for the full story. (photos courtesy of